Excellence fabrics in indonesia

Excellence fabrics in indonesiaAdvantages:
1. not shriveled when washed
2. Do not wear off for colored materials
3. easy disablon
4. Absorbs sweat.
5. no hairy
Cotton Kombed (Combed Cotton)

Is a type of cotton fabric manufactured with combed finishing (combed) with the goal of keeping the delicate cotton fibers can be dipisahkansehingga the resulting fabric is more subtle and not hairy. Katunkombed fabric is available in two sizes, namely 20s and 30s.
This kind of cloth is commonly used for the distros in bandung.

Cotton Kombed 20s is cotton fabric made from yarns kombed size 20s. Cotton Kombed 30s is cotton fabric made from yarns kombed size 30s. Cotton cloth kombed 20s thicker than the 30s. So the cotton cloth 30s more than 20s lemes cotton fabrics.

Karded Cotton
Unlike the kombed cotton cloth, cotton cloth karded is not combed in the finishing process. It is therefore still terdapatserat smooth cotton fibers left. But despite that fabric katunkarded has the advantage of a cheaper price compared to cotton cloth kombed.

On cotton cloth karded there is only the size of the 20s.
The difference between the kombed cotton fabrics and existing market karded is a cotton cloth kombed thicker than karded cotton fabrics.

The fabric is a fabric that has a PE in common with cotton cloth. However, in terms of quality, type of the fabric is still one level below the cotton cloth. The base material is polyester thread PE fabric.

Cloth PE (Poly Ester) is the rate at which cloth is under cotton. The material is essentially yarn polyester. Same with cotton, PE jugatersedia in the form of materials, lacoste t-shirt/adidas, as well as pike. Fabric for shirts are made from PE shapes and textures hampirmirip with t-shirts made of cotton (cotton). How mudahmembedakannya is a cloth PE if burned then it smells burnt, roads sepertiplastik the fire quickly and will be charcoal.
Advantages: Cheap

On some types of PE for t-shirts, this cloth prone shriveled when washed and easy to wear off.
On the types of PE for sweaters, usually rather hairy after being washed several times.

Akrilit fabrics, materials to make the shirt. It is usually combined with the vest is made from light weight wools

Light weight wools, in your head, wool may directly synonymous with heavy materials. For lightweight wools, true to its name, this qualifies as a lightweight wool and can be combined with just about anything. The fall in the body of any unsightly. The benefits, and it’s kind of ‘ wayward ‘ aka hardiness (durable).
Chiffon fabric is a type of fabric is very lightweight. Chiffon fabric base material is cotton, silk, or synthetic fiber.

Fabric Cerruti is one type of fabric that is similar to the typical based with chiffon are both equally thin. Cerruti fabrics are more often used as a veil or hijab.
Flannel fabric is one of the types of fabrics made of wool fiber base material, without being woven. This fabric has a texture that is a bit thick, but very soft and pliable so easily formed anything


Satin fabric is a type of fabric that has a shiny surface and slippery, but the rear gloomy.

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