Get To Know The Kinds And Types Of Fabric

Get To Know The Kinds And Types Of Fabric

Get To Know The Kinds And Types Of Fabric
Get To Know The Kinds And Types Of Fabric

We all certainly already know what it is. However, not all people understand about the range of fabrics as well as different kinds of fabric. Each of us bought clothes sometimes see only forms of color and label it costs only. If suitable and we like direct we take without thinking what the fabric used for clothes.

Sometimes for certain weather conditions and type of fabric will affect the appearance of a person. In very hot weather will seem strange if someone wears clothing made of fabric wools, or type of fabric is heavy and thick. And vice versa.

That’s important because we know the kind of fabric types and complete existing on the market.
In addition to its function as a clothing material, and also became one of the basic ingredients of the most widely used craft. This type of craft for example art craft accessories bando batik, batik Ribbon earrings and so on.

Types of fabric is very much at all. However, in general it can be regrouped into some kind of creative learning as describe below.

Blacu is a type of fabric woven from cotton. This fabric is very flexible so it is easily molded into various forms of creations as well as the added decorations. The fabric on this one is also a type of eco-friendly fabrics because basically that is natural. Blacu cloth can be found easily, one of which is used as the wrapper flour.
Fabric Wools is one type of fabric is quite heavy and used as a base material warm clothes or sweaters


If cared for properly, and wools have certain advantages, namely durability.

Cotton cloth is one type of knitted fabrics (knitting) are made from cotton fiber. Cotton cloth is a type of fabric knitting (knitting) are made from cotton fiber. There are different types of fabric similar to a cotton cloth that is the fabric of PE. The easy way to distinguish them is in a cotton cloth is burned then it smelled like paper or wood is burned and will become ashes. Made of pure cotton combed material 100% of natural cotton fibres. Combed material characteristic have a smooth texture, cool, comfortable and absorbs sweat, so it is very convenient and suits worn in tropical countries like Indonesia. Combed fabric has fibres yarn smooth and flat so that his performance will be more smooth, flat and clean. There are several types of combed fabrics that are on the market. It is distinguishable on the basis of the type of yarn used as well as the setting of the gramasinya (gr/m2). The other is cotton cotton cotton which Caded caded fibre Linen and less smooth any less her knitting.

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