Javanese Design House Joglo

Javanese Design House Joglo


Storytelling as house design problem is endless. Good modern houses or classic traditional home. One of the designs that we discuss this time is the design that isn’t dark by the time of “Joglo Java“
Javanese Joglo House Design
Although today many European model home trends blowing, Mediterranean Design, Gothic house design house design or any other design that either complicated or simple as a minimalist house design. But the classic traditional home design of the cultural heritage of our ancestors, namely Joglo Java will still have devotees.
Where the hell is the location of the specialty house design traditional “Joglo Java“???
Home Joglo of Javanese-style model has a unique privilege that is typical of the traditional home design-another traditional at traditional houses have other areas in Indonesia. Like a traditional home style Sumatra, home of traditional Balinese traditional house and Madura model.
Some Of The Specialty House Joglo Java:
1. a teak wood Material used quality number one
Privileges for Java joglo house building i.e. the material used is a first-rate material. Teak wood in use typically use teak wood is old and really old. With teak material of this super indirectly provide sturdy and strong aura in a building.
In addition to using the material grade teak wood wahid, other materials in use are also very nice quality.
2. Have the soko guru (4 main penyagga pole) as the main buffer home
Distinctive design in Javanese joglo House is have had pole soko guru comprising 4 pillars in the middle of the building as a primary buffer model joglo Java simple word building has 4 main pillars.
Soko said the teachers also possess a philosophy of life, said these teachers were ever in soko apply new order era a philosophy of the importance of a cooperative. Cooperatives in propagandakan as soko guru Indonesia‘s economy. Soko guru is the primary buffer of a building, as well as cooperative economic guru soko also Indonesia.
The specialty building joglo Java with soko guru is a design that really matured into account. Where‘s the proof? The proof by soko guru buildings in Java diperhitungakan strong to withstand-prone areas with earthquake. Many ancient buildings of typical design joglo remains solid, though already many times disaster in Indonesia, especially in Java. To narrow down this illustration, as examples of buildings with the design of the joglo Jogjakarta Sultanate in the region and kasulatanan Solos, not least the ancient Javanese style buildings still standing solidly although it had passed a variety of earthquake disaster in Java.
3. has the roof of a semi-semi model pyramids
Another characteristic of the building joglo Java dimilki is a typical desainatapnya i.e. having the roof model semi-semi pyramids. The roof of the pyramid model is by no means one hundred percent style taper the pyramids in Egypt. But the typical Javanese joglo House has a roof having a slope of a somewhat extreme.
This model of perks the roof was quickly to drain the rain flow, so the roof will tend to dry quickly in case of rain. The hallmark of the roof of this building not owned by the roof-roof in the world. The roof is typical of Javanese joglo building property.
4. Before building have a count-count other dimensions
Building model of Java if you believe occult questions indeed typically use specific calculations the Javanese style.
Yet today the calculations did not everyone know Java. They built a House there in a matter of a certain date which may not be constrained.
Impressed somewhat occult berbau-bau indeed, but such is the condition there are times when the first Java tempo in building a House.
Kalo in Javanese usually called with the science of kejawen. Kejawen, named because it was the hallmark of the studies in people have Java.
But far from all of it, actually design and building materials are in use all use first-class, so wanna-do not want to make the eksotiknya a building joglo Java.
The design of the joglo House has other privileges that might not have been revealed in this article, but a clear model of the building is rich in philosophy and life lessons. Not solely a building houses only to protect its inhabitants from the Sun’s heat and protect from rain, but a House that was built by the count-count of a particular but filled with mystery.

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