Learn Cool and Fun Make a Easy to learn

Learn Cool and Fun Make a Easy to learn

To learn effectively is to learn the fun, terjadwal well, it didn’t take much time so get the maximum and perfect. Learn to terjadwal well…….., because in the work our brains are also influenced by conditions of the physical us. If conditions physically we are tired, our brains can’t work with the maximum. If our brains didn’t work with the maximum, the information we receive can’t be stored well by our memories. As a result of information we received we can’t used again when we need it.

Have the motivation, the spirit and habits of learning are high (Learning Culture) so that eventually learn to perceived as necessary. Creativity creates an atmosphere capable of forming the motivation, eager to learn, and your happy to keep going, keep going, and continue to learn. Creativity that falls in between . . .

1. Table learn nan’s neat. The table, being one of the main activities to learn, because it will quickly motivated to learn if the desk is always neat.
2. Schedule of lessons the work of my own. Simple, seremeh and sekonyol whatever idea we have, should be cherished as an achievement. The more clever of appreciate the idea, the higher the confidence we formed.
3. Music light trigger spirit. Rhythm and music are the specs of the field of the workings of the brain right, which if enabled will be able to eliminate kejenuhan.
4. The cover of the book special. A book that’s like a food staple for the process of learning. Mempercantik cover of the book, could be the art of the marksman so that the child likes holding a book.
5. Beralas Mats in the Garden. Scents fresh from nature that enter the brain, bringing the sensation of emotional a really deep so that the information diiringinya gain a special place in the memory of the brain and cling on tight in there.
6. Playing card math. Card game, very interesting attention. Even just simply try to collect a variety of picture was nice.
7. Uh, crossword puzzle history. How to memorize just by using brain left, it’s exhausting and not optimum. On the contrary by creating a game and puzzles about rote behaviour, it will activate the brain right and make rote to be easy.
8. Magic marker colors. The sensation of the color will activate the brain right. Next eliminate kejenuhan, tired eyes and kantuk. Then, be even more the spirit of ‘swallows up’ the lesson.
9. Photo, motto and decoration on the wall. The very nature of the man is he likes to see himself. My pride, could be harnessed to spur the spirit within to learn.
10. Barrier of book creative. Even if it’s just stuff it’s tiny it looks paltry, but the benefits portal book big enough to make it easy to learn.
11. Tent to learn in the yard. Once in a while to learn outside the house can relieve the boredom of studying.
12. Make a recording of a lesson. Have style learn audio, that’s more like learn to use my ears, make a recording of a lesson will help you catch a lesson.
13. Library mini. The more books and facilities for study available, the easier it evokes the spirit of learning.
14. Merangkum with mind mapping. The way the workings of the brain it turns out is not linear, but in all directions. That’s why, the way recorded with just out, that is horizontally from left to right, it makes the brain quickly tired. By making it spread out in all directions, it’s easier to get caught the brain.
15. A special song for the rote lesson. Create lyrics to special suit material lesson learned, replace the lyrics to favorite song that’s been dihafal.
16. Postcard formula-formula. More interesting make a decoration to a list of a bunch of formula, then getting excited to memorize them.
17. The entire home is a place to learn. The bedroom door, the television, the bookcase, to the wall of the bathroom which pinned the cards to the formula/rote can serve as a place to learn.
18. Make a question own. Basically, people prefer to make questions than answers. Make questions as many as we can, because directly we will find.

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