Recipe Idea Round Kopong Practical

Prescription Know Practical Kopong Round – never heard of the seller know round pong commonly sold in box cars that run with the slogan know round, in a surprise, it’s still fried anget five hundreds of ala brother-brother guns bun? yups, know round the famous kopong know this pong is one of the delicious creations from know. Know the kopong round made from processed know white with a little touch of spice was given this kitchen turns out to have been a favorite for many people. It feels good, tasty and light for snacks while relaxing.

If before we already shared Recipes Delicious Recipes like tofu Knows the content of Hot Jeletot Huh’hah are super tasty and spicy. This time we will try to share one of the tofu processed present i.e. Prescription Know Round Kopong. But before we share the ingredients and how to make tofu rounded this kopong. We will explain a little know, origins of tofu and a variety of petrol.

Know or Tau-hu made from soybeans fermented in this origin origins turns out not from Indonesia loh. Hometown knows is China, as well as soy sauce, douchi, bakpau, and meatballs. Know has been known in the bamboo curtain Country (the State nickname of China/china) since the time of the Han dynasty around 2200 years. In the country of origin this know also called Tauhu (in Hokkien), whereas in Japan Know better known as tofu.

The difference between tofu and tofu is the texture of the tofu is softer and less resistant to processing. While the idea is often more a bit more solid and easily processed into food knows that is easy and delicious. In Indonesia itself now appears many variants know as well as meals made from tofu. Talking know it, know it has 2 look out ya bund, namely white and yellow.

Know who have economical and affordable for all walks of life to make tofu and tempeh into a prima donna in the traditional market. And as to the populerannya, now knows to be part and parcel of eateries or restaurants that are usually present in processed chicken and grilled chicken like gurame, fried chicken and grilled and fried carp. Usually know this to be one of complementary food when serving the main menu along with chilli and lalabannya.

In addition to having an affordable price, tasty and delicious, the tofu has a lot of benefits of the bund. Nutrient content as well as the protein in it is capable of sufficient body needs everyday. This is proven by the large number of delicious home-cooked cuisine creations such as Tofu Bacem, tofu dumpling soup, tofu, tofu Mix Guling, Know the contents (Know Bunting), tofu Fritters, crispy tofu, Tofu, tofu Crackers Pedes, Know the fried tofu and krispi usually served to accompany various foods such as meatballs and Noodles or Dumplings and Batagor Soto. And do not miss also assorted dumplings steamed Tofu uses as one of its main ingredients.

That’s the bit that we can pass on the recipe to know Round Kopong and origins of tofu and a variety of creative cuisine know him. Here we share the ingredients and how to make Tofu Rounded Kopong which is food creations made from tofu tofu, a.k.a. white tofu. Let the record, and soon in pratekkan Yes:)
Recipe Idea Round Kopong and how to make it
recipe idea round kopong

Recipe Idea Round Kopong and how to make it
Materials Know Round Kopong:

Know white 4 pieces
Salt to taste
Royco chicken 1 sachset
Pepper powder 1 sachset
Baking powder 1 tsp
Oil for frying

How To Make Tofu Rounded Kopong:

The initial step in, take out and destroy know using a spoon.
Once crushed and then wring the cloth out by clean, process this blackmail must be completely dry in order to perfect his results.
Next input know me-dry/do not contain water and mix all remaining ingredients except oil in a container mix until all well blended.
Then form the dough into a round until the dough runs out.
Let sit approx 1 hour in the refrigerator (not the freezer).
The next step round kopong tofu with hot oil which pretty much so perfectly ripe and the result kopong.
Know round kopong ready served with chillies and botolan sambal sauce to taste.

Make know round kopong is indeed quite easy and practical, but there are a few things to note in order for the results of the round tables know tasty and delicious like know bula tool brother-brother. Here we share tips on creating rounded kopong know for moms at home, may help ya.

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