Standard service hotel’s restaurant and Hotel

The hospitality services industry, also called the hospitality industry by selling hospitality services consisting of accommodation, food and beverage service. Advancing hospitality business pullback is determined by both the item. Even a hospitality company can be successful when in achieving the objectives of revenue obtained from food service sales greater than the room.

Standard service hotel's restaurant and Hotel

One of the means to implement the food service industry is a restaurant. In this restaurant you have in a hotel is not only to meet the hotel guests, but also receive guests from outside the hotel that have nothing to do with the accommodations that are available. In the writing of this author operates on a service provided by a restaurant about the scope and issues.

The restaurant is also a stand-alone where it much now found a variety of restaurants, such as a restaurant, cafetaria and others. Characteristics of service adapted to the type of restaurant, moderate price it must compete, then here is the role of a restaurant is getting very important and each other race to improve the quality of food and service with best foot forward in hopes of grabbing as many guests.
To achieve this a given service should really note starting from the preparation of the work of until serving to guests who are supported by the other aspects, such as the physical appearance of the restaurant, the menu appearance, kebersiahn food and equipment, to complement the presentation of services in selling pengelohan results in a restaurant that needed the waiters who can provide good services to the guests. given the excellent service given to guests is the main key to the success of the restaurant’s operations in addition to other aspects.

Restaurant can generally be defined as a space or place commercially organised to hold pela-yanan in the form of food and drink available in it, then a restaurant in a hotel company is the means of selling and serving of food and drinks in a hotel.

Restaurant dioparasikan in each of the hotels are not always the same, either from \segi or number of its kind. It depends from the big to the small hotel that was established, the ability of the company as well as the requirements issued by the Government, the success of restaurant can be seen when the restaurant had filled the main aspects that can determine the success of the operations of a restaurant. As for the aspect in question is g. Factor composed of:

1. G-1: Good Food.
The food that is served to guests in the fresh State and a good management system, storage of materials, equipment and the completion of both high quality and hygienic, food taste good and fit the tongue pemesananya.

2. The G-2: Good Location & Parking Fasilities
The location of the restaurant should be location, where the factor regarding this location made the guidelines when establishing business restaurant. But for a restaurant that opened as the facility, because it also can not mengabikan these factors, so the security vehicle was parked outside the hotel. So it should be easily visible, easily found, may be power
Drag the selection with the color or special ornaments and are not on site

3. G-3: Good Atmosphere.
A comfortable and fun needs to be created via the appearance
the Interior and exterior decoration as well as inefficient provision used, pemelihan
color and complete facilities, such as toilets, quality chairs and tables
well, table set-up and so on.

4. G.-4 Good Reputation
The restaurant must have a good reputation that includes servicing, management, accomplishment and ain, for being the fruit of the lips community/guests.

5. G-5: a Good Pleasant & Courteous Service.
Tata-food done with a memorable, enjoyable and satisfying prmusaji can give you a suggestion for those less understand his desire and serves food with the food quality, courteous and friendly.

Through the “Good” factor is the expected objectives to be achieved in the management of a restaurant namely benefit and gives satisfaction to the guests can be reached. The ability of employees to provide quality service and satisfy guests can be used to lift the image and enhancing the reputation hotel beside the completeness of its facilities.

Source: Mukhtar (The Need For A Standard Scope And Service Problems
/ A Hotel jombang terbaik  On The Premises)

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