The difference of the Potential, interest and talent

The difference of the Potential, interest and talent

All people have the interest, talent and reach its potential each. But a lot of people having problem and difficulty to identify an interest, talent and reach its potential, so, they don’t know what talent and potential he had.
Before continuing how to find the potential, interest and talent you have, it’s good we know first the difference between the potential, interest and talent.
Potential means the ability has the possibility to develop, the strength, kesanggupan and resources. Potentially means it has the potential. According to the dictionary language Indonesai, the potential is kesanggupan, power, the ability to further evolve. Everyone has potential, and of course different every what possessed between one person with another person.
There are two forms of the potential which is the potential physical and potential mental (psychic)

Potential physical — >>> Is the ability of having someone who can be developed and improved if trained well.The ability of a trained this would be a kecakapan, skills, and their skills in a particular field. Potential physical will increasingly thrive when in an intense trained and maintained. Potential physical it’s like, body, muscles, face, endurance or health.
Potential psychic — >>> Is a form of power yourself mentally that belongs to someone and allows it to be improved and developed if studied and trained with well. Potential psychic this includes the IQ(Intelligence Quotient),EQ ( Emotional Quotient), AQ ( Addversity quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

So the potential is, the ability of having someone to reach the maximum.
Interest is how much someone feels like/interested or don’t like/ignore to a stimulus. Interest is a big push for somebody to do everything to be his will. Interest is a factor that can direct the talent and its existence was a major factor in the development of talent.
The word interest more illustrates the motivation, which affects attention, thinking and berprestasi
Specs of interest can be distinguished into:

Interests personal (personal interest), that the traits of a private individual that are relatively stable. Interest personal aimed at an activity or topic specific (for example interest in sports, science, music, dance, computer, and others).
Interest in situational awareness, that interests ditumbuhkan by the conditions or factors the environment, for example the role of education formal, information obtained through books, internet or television.
Interest as a psychological makeup, which is if someone has a scoring high for a activity (value of activity) and knowledge high of these activities.

So interest is a tendency or direction, a desire towards something to meet the impulse, interest is an impulse from within that affect the motion and the will towards something, is the urge strong for a person to do everything in realizing the achievement of goals and ideals that be his wish.
Talent is a nature, cleverness and carry carried since birth, for example writing. There’s also the word “talent buried”, it means a talent is a natural who under since they were born but not developed. For example someone really have the talent to be a runner, but it’s not developed, so his ability to run is also not growing.
Talent has three meanings namely achievement (ability actual), capacity (the Ability of potential), and aptitude (nature and quality).
Description talent, namely:

Talent is a condition or quality that belongs to somebody, allowing somebody that will evolve in the future.
Talent is the potential baggage that still need practice so I can materialize in real life.
Talent is the potential buried in someone else.
Talent can emerge need to dug up, found, trained, and developed.
Talent allows one to reach achievement in a particular field, but it should ditunjang with interest, practice, understanding, knowledge, experience, and encouragement.Talent is not always identical for interest.
Talent is not accompanied interest, or interest which is not accompanied talent, going to be the gap. If parents don’t quite carefully for example with this will impact bad for the kid.

Aspects of Talent:

Aspects of the perseptual: include the ability in giving judgment or understanding of something.
Aspect psikomotor: include psychic abilities like physical strength, speed of motion, precision and accuracy, coordination and — grace members of the body.
Aspects of intellectual property: includes the ability to remember and evaluate an information

On the basis of talent he’s had, then someone will be able to show an excess in the act and take control and solve the problem than other people. Someone who has talent will quickly get observed because of the ability he had developed with the business.

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