Tips on Choosing Home Type

We know all residential land increasingly cramped up in the city. Not only was the price of land in urban areas is increasing and very expensive, can be imagined if we do not have a home at this time? Do you agree? So what do you think?

You may have heard the name terms if you are not able to buy a large house small house was finished. Absolutely, especially for newly married couples must have the types of home that is used as an option. But you do not let one choose the type of house, you have to think to plan the future.

Type of house prices depends on the price of land and the quality of the environment. And to eksklusifan a house also greatly affect the price of a house. Several factors affect the All eksklusifan a house, among others: of a factor the location, the facilities provided a housing, of the concept of development of the building, from the atmosphere of the environment, the quality of infrastructure, from the materials used in a building, from the style and type of house these, and many more that can affect All eksklusifan a house.

To choose a home stay, you have to consider things that are necessary. One of them you have to choose the type of home. Common house types commonly given by housing developers, namely, Type 21, Type 36 and Type 45, and others.

For the layman would definitely confusion. What is the meaning of the Type 21, Type 36 and Type 45? For example, a house with a Type 21 means the home building area of ​​21 square meters. Likewise, the Type 36 and Type 45, means the home building area of ​​36 square meters for types 36 and 45 square meters for Type 45. Thus, the purpose of Types of the house is the area of ​​land used for building houses.
In addition, you also must have heard or seen in the brochure Type 45/90. The purpose of the 45/90 type, meaning a building area of ​​45 square meters and a total land area of ​​90 square meters. And sometimes these types of houses also have excess land area, for example the type 45 but the total land area of ​​97 square meters, so there is still excess land that can be developed or you wake up. While the type Hoek, which is home to the condition of the land is in the corner of a residential area, so the house has two sides facing the road.

Now you must already have an idea of ​​the types of perumahan syariah that are common in a housing developer. We suggest you choose the type of home that suits your needs. So if the number of members who will occupy your house a little, buy a house that is not too large. Similarly to the contrary. Because it affects the costs that you will incur. The larger the type of house that you buy, the greater the cost that you will spend.

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