Will My eCommerce Business Be Successful?

eCommerce is slowly changing the way how business is done. Wholesalers have more confidence in venturing into the retail sector through eCommerce

The type of E-Commerce in Indonesia:

1. Classified ads, is one form of e-commerce that belongs to a simple, could be considered the evolution of classified ads are usually found in the newspapers into the online world. Sellers who use social media or forum to advertise, it is usually not directly complete the transaction on the website in question. However the seller and the buyer must communicate directly to Transact. Example: Tokobagus classified ads, Trade, and-Kaskus FJB.

2. Retail, e-commerce is a kind of a process whereby all trading is done through a system that is already applied by retail sites are concerned. Therefore, the activity of retail trading in relatively safe, but usually the choice of products available are not too much, or just a coupla focus to product categories. Sample retail: Berrybenzka, Zalora, and Lazada.eccomerce succes

3. Marketplace, can be regarded as a provider of an online mall, but selling is not the provider of the website, but rather members who register for selling in the marketplace website is concerned. Marketplace generally provides an extra layer of security for any transactions that occur, such as escrow or payment systems more commonly known as a shared account. So each transaction in the system the marketplace, the marketplace will be third parties who receive payments and keep them up to products already delivered by the seller and accepted by the buyer. Once the process is finished, the delivery of money payment forwarded to the seller.

She is an important factor in the success of e-commerce:

1. providing competitive pricing

2. Providing the service purchase perceptive, quick, and friendly.

3. the goods and services provide information that is complete and clear.

4. Provide many bonuses such as coupons, specials, and discounts.

5. Give special attention such as the proposed purchase.

6. Provide a sense of community to discuss, or got input from customers.

In many cases, an e-commerce company can survive not only rely on the strength of the product, but with a management team that is reliable, timely delivery, good service, good business organizational structure, network infrastructure and security as well as a great web site design.

Well, for Pal Souja interested to cultivate e-commerce business don’t forget to note the satisfaction of consumers Yes.

Many people said failure is pending success. Similarly, with bitter things that often happens when someone is fighting for life.
Many stories and bitter experience that appeals to their spoken. Often, the story that reveal the other side of a person.
Often, the threats and the challenges that come your way in the sight of unable to make them tremble. Their paths continue to get to the things that are hard to imagine in advance by people around.

It also happens to Achmad Zaky. The bespectacled man purporting to himself and his friends used to be often subject to circumvention when shopping online.

Starting from his experience that he shared both his friend, Nugroho Herucahyono and m. Wiharjo Rashid, intent on setting up e-commerce sites that Indonesia terpecaya original and credible.

No dinyana, these travels fruited sweet. E-Commerce sites they pioneered, Bukalapak.com, has been able to survive until the 6th year at the moment.

Achmad Zaky are requested as a co-founder and Chief Executive no matter ceaselessly utter gratitude in early 2016.
“We want to say thank you to the people and Government of Indonesia for the support and trust over the years. At the age of six, Bukalapak.com committed increasingly advance the e-commerce industry Indonesia, “said Achmad Zaky in celebration of the 50th anniversary of 6 Bukalapak.com held in Kemang, Jakarta, Thursday (12/1/2016).

Achmad Zaky himself acknowledged, history of Bukalapak.com fraud cases. Since then her with some friends was determined to create innovation, so that the transaction can take place online is safe and convenient for all parties.
“It excellence Bukalapak.com. Guaranteed goods up. Terpecaya half of the ship, “he said.

To add to the trust and loyalty of consumers, Achmad Zaky reveal Bukalapak not wearing an elaborate administrative system.
With the simple use of the various instruments, he was sure the credibility and consumer confidence can keep awake.

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